thinking about a bin?

These are the questions we get most often. 

How big a bin do I need? 

It’s hard to imagine what kind of space a certain amount of junk will take. We’ll help you decide what size of bin is best for you and set up a custom schedule to deliver and remove the bin when it best suits you. We can always bring you more bins if you have more waste than you anticipated.


What are tipping fees?

Tipping fees refer to the fees levied by the dump. We add these to your bill without marking them up. They are based on weight, so until we take your bin to the dump, we cannot anticipate what your fee will be. 


I want to clean out my basement. Will I be able to operate the bin myself?

Our bins have been customized for efficiency and ease of use: each has a full-width swinging door for easy access so you do not have to throw items over the side of the bin. It's easy to get soil and other materials out, and your trash in!


How much can I put into a bin?

Our bins are very strong, but everything has a limit! Speak to Roger when the bin is delivered if you are going to be filling it with particularly heavy materials such as shingles or concrete. The Ministry of Transportation has strict weight restrictions and prohibits overloading which means that anything over the height of the bin must be removed before transporting. If you think you are getting close to filling a bin and need another, we can always bring an empty one with us when we come to remove your current one, so that your work is not impeded. 


How much space will a bin take on my property?

The residential bins require no more space than a single parking spot. They usually fit on your driveway but, if that is not convenient, we can always find the best spot for them with you.


What can I put into a bin?

Almost anything, but not quite everything! If you have anything that is considered hazardous waste, we ask that you leave it out of the bin, or designate a single bin for that use. We can still remove these items for you, but they need to be separated. Hazardous waste items include paint cans, aerosole cans, car batteries, and tires. 

By the way...The most economical way to get rid of hazardous waste is to attend one of the County of Northumberland's Hazardous Waste Days, offered several times each year in various locations.



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